Misencil Lash Extensions


Have you ever noticed woman’s lashes and wondered how they have such luscious lashes? Do you ever ask yourself, “Are those real or extensions?”
At zenami SANCTUARY we use the brand Misencil for lash extensions. All the formulas in the Misencil line of products are registered with Health Canada and meet the highest standards of compliance to European cosmetic regulations. They have a whole line designed for the health of your natural lashes that extend the life of your lash extensions. Products include eye and make up remover, revitalizer (lash conditioner), protector (adhesive protector), mascara, and liquid eyeliner.
Once your extensions have been applied, there is minimal maintenance for you to do at home. Simply spend a few minutes at the end of each day to cleanse your make up off and then apply the revitalizer to your extensions. In the morning, before applying your make up, use the protector product on your extensions.
When applying your lash extensions we take into consideration your eye shape and the length and thickness of your natural lashes so we can select the most appropriate lash extensions for you. We apply one lash extension to each of your natural lashes. Like all hair follicles, human eyelashes have a life cycle and eventually fall out. Therefore, your lash extensions will need to be replaced periodically.
Whether you are beautifying for a special occasion, or you want to look your best every day, the Misencil lash product offers the highest quality of care for your natural lashes while you achieve the look you want.