Gel Nails


Gel nails are enhancements to your natural nails. Providing you maintenance
free work between your appointments.

As a nail technician it is my priority to maintain the health of the natural nail
while providing you a maintenance free nail.

We start by cleaning up the cuticle area, roughing the natural nail, freeing it
of shine then applying a gel product in layers, curing in a UV like to make it
strong, building up the strength and beauty of the nail. At Zen Ami Sanctuary
we use Nail Basics gel.

The layers are thinly applied leaving the end product feeling like a natural nail.
We can lengthen, even out, leave the nails looking natural, or enhance with a
French white for a clean fresh look or spice up the nails with a color/s of choice.
One with gel nails will have beautiful looking nails for 3-4 weeks without having
to clip, file or buff in between appointments. One will only need to moisturize
with a cuticle oil or cream on the nails and hands to protect and hydrate the
nails and hands.

The nice thing about gel nails is they are not damaging to the natural nails.
“ Nails Are Jewels Not Tools”

In sharing the above information on gel nails you should also know that there are many new products on the market that give you a “gel nail” look without the gel nail process.  Read our article on maintenance free polish to find out more on gel polish ratter than gel nails.